FAQ - FAQs on Zanardo products

What kind of material would you recommend me for installations in marine settings?

For installations in settings exposed to sudden temperature leaps and settings in contact with salty water, we reccomend to choose AISI 316 Stainless-Steel with joint gasket (product code: DRC911). Stainless-Steel is anticorrosive and it is the most suitable in extreme settings.

Where can I find QO codes?

You can find QO codes in D93 boxes and VFR cabinets subcategories, based on their dimensions.

What temperature can Zanardo painted sheet products resist?

Zanardo painted sheet products (painted anccording to our standard painting process) do not undergo alterations on the painting and on the gasket with temperatures form -40°C to +60°C.    

What kind of PVC sheet do you use on your products?

We use a solid clear transparent polyester sheet with UV rays protection on both sides, to prevent the yellowing phenomenon.

What is your handling requirements?

In the following list you can find certified lifting systems for those articles that require them (COMPACT AND MODULAR CABINETS): DRC910: DCR-VFR lifting eyebolts: to be fixed with screw directly to the cabinet for lifting and handling. DRC910B: DCR-VFR lifting double eyebolts: suitable to handle in-line cabinets, ensuring rigidity during lifting operation. DRC99: DRC lifting […]

What is your standard painting process?

OUR STANDARD PAINTING PROCESS AUTOMATIC PAINTING PLANT: 1. Semi-finished products are loaded on a chain overhead belt conveyor at a 1,5 m/min speed. 2. Washing procedure in a 5 m phosphatising tunnel at 90° C with iron phosphates water. 3. 4 m water rinsing tunnel. 4. 3 m pipe-water rinsing tunnel. 5. 3 m final […]

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